Soundbug is my first app for android and is thought to be used for practical jokes on colleagues, friends and family.
The idea is simple.
Choose your preferred annoying sound, test the sounds on the second button.
Maybe adjust the media volume, to loud will be to easy to detect.
Start playing it with a random interval between 2 and 5 minutes.
Leave your phone/pad in a place where it will annoy people.

I've chosen short sounds to make it harder to detect where it is coming from.
Promise you, this can drive people crazy!

If you have ideas for more sounds or suggestions for improvements please give me a comment here!
And if you, god forbid, have problems with Soundbug, please give me a comment and include your phone model.

Soundbug is free, but I'm thinking of a paid version with more functions. Functions as the possibility to record and use your own sound, adjust the random interval and maybe more. If you have ideas about more functions you are more than welcome to post them here.

And, Pretty Please With Sugar On Top, give me a nice rating on Andriod Market!



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